The Tompkins County Health Department announced that the only person still in the hospital for a coronavirus case has now tested negative for the virus, though they are still hospitalized. In the department's metrics, this now means there are no active positive COVID-19 patients hospitalized in the county. 

Meanwhile, positive cases did creep up over the long weekend, as there are now been 153 positive tests, an increase of five from Friday. However, that has been matched by five people being deemed "recovered" during the same time period. 

The five new cases also come as a deluge of test results come back from late last week. While five new positives were found, over 1,400 negative test results were returned during the same time period. 133 people are still awaiting their results, and the number of total tested now sits at 7,875. 

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Michael Bryant

There is no extremely deadly virus that justifies ruining economy. But there is possibly one SC2 virus (it was fully sequenced) out of at least hundred others present within our respiratory system nobody cares to pay attention to as the immune system in a healthy person deals with them quite well just as it does with SC2 , influenza and others.

What we are dealing with is result of globally collapsed health of population due to extreme social stress of neoliberal globalization and environmental pollution and ensuing devastation public health institutions worldwide producing hundreds of millions of people sick and dying of preventable diseases every year.

Add to this that this time we have seen large scale deaths of the elderly in care homes (a most fragile demographic) due to state policies of gross negligence- a case can be made for this being state sanctioned euthanasia. There needs to be investigations on this matter which entail looking at how all public health and government officials have handled this.

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