The Tompkins County Health Department has announced the newest testing figures for COVID-19, showing a slight increase in positive cases over the weekend. 

The positive cases rose by two over the weekend, bringing the count to 141 now, though more encouraging is the fact that it took nearly 700 tests to yield those two positives, and the influx of tests comes as the criteria for testing access is being relaxed statewide. There have now been 6,378 people tested for coronavirus in total, with results still pending for 497. 5,740 people have tested negative. 

There remains one person hospitalized with an active COVID-19 case, and 117 people have been deemed "recovered." That leaves 24 active cases in the county overall. 

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Tracey Glen

Can you please begin reporting on the number of positive cases that end up being hospitalized?

Aquilar Andalucia

There are no "Positive cases" for COVID-19...there are positive anti-body responses and these are the most that the so-called COVID-19 test kits can detect. The test CANNOT detect the virus, never has, never will. Those anti-bodies that are detected can result from three main events (1) prior flu/cold and recovery (2) prior vaccination shots, (3) recent infection of SARS-CoV-2 and immune system response. In 99% of the latter, full bodily recovery occurs; a vast majority with zero symptoms. Indeed the statistics that are now available confirm that the term "pandemic" is an overreach.

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