Covid Ithaca 1

The Tompkins County Health Department's latest update shows that there have now been 136 positive cases of coronavirus in Tompkins County, though neither of the two new cases are hospitalized. There remains one person hospitalized for a COVID-19 case. 

There were no new recoveries overnight, meaning there are still 114 recovered people and 22 active cases in the county. 

Testing numbers also surpassed 5,000, now up to 5,022. There are 204 people awaiting there results, and 4,682 people have tested negative. 

There have been no deaths of Tompkins County residents. 

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April Michael

Thank you for presenting the numbers more clearly now. And - *their results

John Gregoire

OOOPS -Perhaps you want to rewrite the number tested positive.

Stuart Berg

Yes, please change "and 4,682 people have tested positive" to "and 4,682 people have tested negative" before you scare a lot of people.

chris johns

And please change that ghastly winter pic to something a bit more NOT-WINTER. please, thank you!

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