Coronavirus stock

A microscopic image of the coronavirus. 

The Tompkins County Health Department's March 18 update includes concerning rises across the board regarding the spread of the coronavirus. 

Since yesterday, the number of positive tests has doubled to six, while test results are pending for 93 people. Yesterday, the county said it was waiting on test results for 69 people. 

In total, 146 people have been tested, meaning the county was able to test 39 people since yesterday. Nobody was released from quarantine, as that number still stands at 86. In total, there have been 52 test results returned, 46 of which have been negative. It's been widely accepted that as testing begins to ramp up, the number of confirmed cases will naturally spike. 

No information has been given on the three new positive test cases, though the health department has been regularly updating the media and the public during the afternoon, so a release might still come out today. As for the previous three, two were confirmed from the Ithaca College community, while one has yet to be clarified. 

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