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A microscopic image of the coronavirus. 

In the latest update from the Tompkins County Health Department, the countywide number of positive test results rose from 56 to 70. 

There are still two hospitalizations, but no information has been made public about the condition of the patients or how long they have been in the hospital. Nobody has died from coronavirus in Tompkins County. 

The health department recently changed the information they're releasing, so some of these numbers might need clarification going forward, but: the department now lists 1,197 total samples have been taken for COVID-19, with 70 people testing positive and 996 testing negative. According to the health department, that large jump in negative tests is due to "a large batch of test results delivered this weekend following the increase in testing at the Cayuga Health Sampling Site" in the parking lot of the Ithaca Mall. This does mean, though, that there are 131 people with test results pending that have not yet been returned. 

Since the mobile sampling center is only open Monday through Friday, that could explain the minimal number of people who were tested over the weekend: since Friday, only six people have been tested, according to the departments numbers. Presumably, those figures will continue to rise in the coming days. 

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Kris Merschrod

Nice improvement in the graph - many thanks

Marshall Hopkins

Thanks Kris. Both views into the data can be helpful, but this graph really illustrates the mass of negative results TCHD's total testing effort has produced. Each result, not just the positives, represent valuable knowledge in this crisis.

Kris Merschrod

I agree, what I have on my data at home is the % of results that are positive. That has been fluctuating. At the beginning the % was about 11% and then dropped. I think that at the beginning the screening was tighter or only folks who really were feeling bad came in. Then the more massive testing began (Nice detail on your graph) and so the % dropped. We are better off making testing easier then making it a burden and having potentially ill folks circulation.

Brian Tierney

If negative results help with the knowledge base should asymptomatic people be tested ? Is testing safe ?

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