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The Tompkins County Health Department has released the latest figures showing the spread of COVID-19 in Tompkins County. 

The total number of positive cases rose to 73 on Monday, up from a jump to 70 over the weekend. One person remains hospitalized while one has been released. No additional people have been hospitalized other than the first two that had previously been announced. There are still no deaths in Tompkins County. 

As for testing numbers, after a slight lag over the weekend (an expected one, since the sampling center operates Monday-Friday), they were back to trending upwards. On Monday, the health department was able to take samples from 230 people. Another 103 previously taken samples were returned to the health department: three were the aforementioned positive cases, while the other 100 were negative. 

In total, of the samples that have been tested and returned, Tompkins County has a 6.2 percent positive test rate. 

The rest of our coronavirus coverage can be seen at this link. 

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John Butler

No doubt the more testing that is done the more people you will find that tests positive. On that note, will a person who has contacted the virus and recovered, undetected, test positive for the virus?

Alexandra Bennett

Depends if its a PCR or antibody test.

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