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A microscopic image of the coronavirus. 

Topmkins County Health Department has published their daily update on the coronavirus spread in the county, with some rather concerning increases today. 

There are now 32 positive cases in Tompkins County, up from 23 on Wednesday and 18 the day before. There are now 462 people awaiting test results to be returned. 

There are caveats to the rise in positive cases, though. It was always clear that more access to tests would naturally mean a rise in positive tests, and according to the TCHD announcement there was a huge spike in tests over the last day: 270 people had samples taken over the last day, easily the highest since the beginning of the crisis. 

The Tompkins County Health Department has not yet issued a press release regarding the numbers or the increase in testing. Presumably it's a result of the new mobile sample center in the parking lot of the Ithaca Mall and the accompanying pre-registration program, which removed the need for a doctor's order to be tested. 

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Kris Merschrod

Please look at that data and do some analysis. Reporting raw numbers, that is, not in proportion to others, is misleading. For example, on Thursday, 5.85% of the tested cases were positive. The high point of % testing positive was over 11% a week ago., earlier this week the % positive was just above 4 %.

The other news should be that the County and the People are testing more each day and that is good news showing that we are trying to screen the population and then sheltering in place those potential carriers. This, the people stepping forward, and the county capacity is great news. Please advise that the tests are free, that a Dr's recommendation is not needed (taking pressure of the Medical system), that it is easy to do at the drive in testing place on Warren Road at the Mall.

Vaidehi Hussain

Thank you Kris for the above comment. Gives a whole new perspective. Great job regarding prescription free testing. Together we shall overcome!

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