Covid Ithaca 2

The Tompkins County Health Department announced Wednesday afternoon its newest COVID-19 numbers, showing that 23 people have now tested positive int the county. 

That number has climbed five since the department's Tuesday update. They are still awaiting 236 test results to be returned by off-site testing facilities. Negative results have been returned for 472 people, meaning 731 people have been tested total. That means 65 people had their samples collected today, which was the second day of operation for the new mobile sample facility in the parking lot of Ithaca Mall. 

There are now 351 people in quarantine, and 484 have been released from quarantine. 

It was also announced today by the Tompkins County Health Department that someone tested positive at Mango Mango Dessert, and that people who visited that store within certain hours on March 14 or March 15 were instructed to quarantine themselves for two weeks. The Ithaca Times' reporting shows that two people have tested positive at the Tompkins County Courthouse as of Wednesday. 

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Elisabeth Hegarty

This article is so confusing to the reader. Your graph shows there are 80 cases, your article states there are 23 positive in the county. Could you please clarify? Thanks!

Marshall Hopkins

Hi Elisabeth, This is an article from March 25, when the total cases was 23. Our graph is updated each day to show the current numbers from the Tompkins County Health Department. Our most recent coverage of COVID-19 news can be found at:

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