The Tompkins County Health Department has released their COVID-19 testing numbers for March 23, showing that testing has steadily increased over the last few days but that positive cases in the county are still relatively low. 

Over the weekend, five more people has tested positive for the coronavirus, meaning the number now sits at 16. Meanwhile, 325 have been tested and tested negative, and the health department is awaiting results on 251 more people. With 592 people tested in total, that means over 300 samples have been taken over the last three days (the number of total people tested was 280 on Friday), averaging to 100 samples taken and sent to labs for testing per day. 

The number of people in quarantine continues to fluctuate wildly from day to day as more testing is done. Today, the number of people under quarantine and monitoring by the health department is 244, down significantly from a few days ago, while 344 people have been released from quarantine.

Below is the available information on the spread of COVID-19 and how it is trending: 

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Kris Merschrod

While the graph presented is dramatic in appearance, and the number of tests also dramatic ( because of availability and awareness), it is important to look at the % of tests with results that are positive. Initially about 10% of the cases were positive, that latest data from the Health department bulletin show only about 5% prove positive for the COVID-19 flu. Can the Department of health offer suggestions as to why the screening results in so few cases? Is it probable that the other 90% to 95% of the people who presented for the test the usual flu cases?

Craig Blacken

As the week has worn on it is easier to get tested by filling out the online form by self reporting. Later in the week,now, many more are sampled. Graph still is exponential. If sample rate is linear( which is not quite true), this means disease is likely spreading through community by unknow carriers. Ifts hard to separate sampling effects from infection rate with so little data and changing ease of being sampled.

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