Juneteenth rally

A Juneteenth rally is being held on the Commons to celebrate the annual holiday and continue the string of rallies that have been held recently in Ithaca and around the country. 

The event, titled Decriminalize, Demilitarize, Decarcerate Tompkins is being hosted by Decarcerate Tompkins County. 

"The purpose of the rally is to have the public understand the problem of police violence in relation to other criminal justice factors locally, and to give ways for people to join and add to the work that is already in progress," the event's description states. 

Topics covered will include the impact of policing on youth, the school to prison pipeline, wrongful convictions, the militarization of IPD and its effects on local families, criminalization of poverty and immigration, and a host of other issues relevant both nationally and in Tompkins County. 

Confirmed speakers are listed as Aloja Airewele, Phoebe Brown, Alexas Esposito, Irene Flores, Savannah Gonzalez, Enrique Gonzalez-Conty, Clare Grady, Rakim Jones, Maureen Lane-Black, Harmony Malone, Keyanna Mozie, Taili Mugambee, Barbara Regenspan, Richard Rivera, Patricia Rodriguez, and Maya Soto. 

For more information, visit the event's Facebook page. 

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