The Tompkins County Health Department's daily coronavirus numbers update shows seven more positive tests in the last day for COVID-19, as the recent spike in cases continued, at least in part due to travel and July 4 activities. 

There are now 24 active cases in Tompkins County, 17 found in the last two days. In total, 193 people have tested positive over the last several months, and 169 of them have recovered. 156 people are awaiting their test results. 

The 17 cases in two days represents the highest two-day jump since the very beginning of the pandemic in late March, while the 24 active cases is the highest total since May. 

Though the health department did not release details of the seven newly found cases, yesterday the department explained, while announcing 10 new positives, that five had come from a specific July 4 event that did not include masks and social distancing, four had been a result of out-of-state travel, and one was in relation to an already-active case.

There are still no hospitalizations listed as a result of the virus, despite the recent spike, and there have still been no Tompkins County resident deaths from coronavirus. There have been 19,484 total tests given, and 19,135 have been returned negative. 

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