The Tompkins County Health Department has reported 10 new positive COVID-19 cases and has released additional information on how people were exposed. As the number of positive COVID-19 cases increases locally, the Tompkins County Health Department is reminding residents of mask requirements, quarantine guidance, and other critical information to stop the spread of the disease.  

The health department stated that five are from out-of-state travel, four are related to a known case "at a local Fourth of July gathering where social distancing and mask wearing were not observed" and one cases is connected to an already-positive case, with all close contacts identified. 

According to the health department, their contact tracing team has been in touch with all close contacts of the 10 new cases and their close contacts have been identified. Importantly, according to the news release none of the reported cases presented public exposures, and the health department isn't recommending testing for the public at this time. All positive cases are in quarantine. The department hasn't published their full numbers report for today, July 14.  

“The recent increase in positive cases in our community is concerning, we have to continue taking this virus seriously and doing what we can to stop it from continuing to spread in Tompkins County. We’ve all worked hard to keep our numbers low and to help protect our friends and families, we can’t let that hard work go to waste by not following the guidance,” stated Tompkins County Public Health Director Frank KruppaKruppa continued, “We have not previously released this level of information on positive cases to protect people’s privacy. However, it is important to share the nature of how these individuals were exposed to illustrate the potential impact of not taking this seriously. COVID-19 is still a disease that can spread rapidly. I am hopeful that everyone will continue evaluating their own risk and the risk they are putting on others each time they go out.” 

 Individuals required to quarantine must do so for the full 14-day period. Quarantine must be completed by anyone who: 

 ·         Is identified as a close contact of a known positive case and told to get tested by the Health Department. 

·         Chooses to get tested even if they do not have symptoms. 

  • Has traveled to New York from a designated state with significant community spread. For more information about the Travel Advisory and the NYS website, where the list of affected states is updated at least weekly. 

“This recent uptick in cases shows the importance of not becoming complacent. Wearing masks, keeping distance, and refraining from unnecessary travel are critical to keeping ourselves, our families, and our neighbors healthy and safe," said Leslyn McBean-Claiborne, Tompkins County Legislature Chair said. "We can’t begin to relax because the virus is still spreading in our community. We all have a part in stopping the spread, and even while many facets of our community open up, we need to stay vigilant and act with caution and concern for the safety of ourselves and others.”

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Michael Bryant


From FDA website:

The Sofia SARS Antigen FIA (test) does not differentiate between SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2.

Results are for the identification of SARS-CoV-2 nucleocapsid protein antigen. Antigen is generally detectable in upper respiratory specimens during the acute phase of infection. Positive results indicate the presence of viral antigens, but clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine infection status. Positive results do not rule out bacterial infection or co-infection with other viruses. The agent detected may not be the definite cause of disease. Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.

Again this test supposedly detects some agent that according to FDA and QUIDEL Corporation's own admission “may not be the definite cause of [COVID] disease”.

Dangerous medical testing fraud explodes exponentially into absurdity.

Stuart Berg

@Michael Bryant: To my knowledge, the Tompkins County COVID-19 testing is only using the Rheonix system which, also to my knowledge, does not involve QUIDEL.

Michael Bryant

Thanks Stuart- can you confirm that Tompkins County is using only the Rheonix system. I would be interested in that- I will also call them to confirm this.

There are in fact numerous RT-PCR tests and none of them fulfill Koch's Postulates. The inconsistency and inaccuracy of these tests is widely documented. That "cases" are being pimped to maintain the fear factor and social control is an example of the utter dishonesty of the politicians and the medical "experts." Sadly very few people even take the time to understand what is meant by "a case" and that definition is largely fungible. Numerous examples of how these "cases" are being manufactured are easily researched by anyone taking ten minutes.

Remove the nursing home deaths, which were caused by POLICY decisions, and this is a very mild flu season.

And I would like to know how many people who have been giving "official" advice have past or present links with the pharmaceutical industry and its advocates. Fauci is but one of many examples. At present the CDC and the WHO are wholly owned by Big Pharma and other large financial interests.

The number of people dying from the "Corona virus" is falling fast and yet the screws are tightening everywhere. In many countries death totals are lower than they usually are at this time of year. You would have to have your skull scooped out and filled with concrete not to realize that there is something else going on here. Meanwhile Wall St. received a $4 trillion, our towns are going bankrupt and further privatization will ensue and property taxes will begin to soar (Nashville just approved a 34% increase in property taxes). The "Covid Economy" is here- shall we all mask up and call it the New Normal?

Stuart Berg

Thank you for finally showing the flattening curve so often talked about but rarely shown!

Elisabeth Hegarty

I fail to see a flattening of the curve. We are up in cases and, most importantly, more than half of the cases (5) came from people returning from or coming from other states. ARE YOU LISTENING, CORNELL? The influx of students from other states to Cornell and this region is going to dramatically increase the number of cases in Tompkins County, an area that hadn't seen new cases in more than a month. How many people will die due to the irresponsibility of the reopening of Cornell and other schools?

Maureen Carroll

I'd like to know if those new positives who had traveled out of state were following the mandatory 14-day quarantine requirement upon their re-entry into NY State, or were they circulating in the community after they were infected. If they were in violation of the mandatory quarantine, have they been fined?

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