Tompkins County now has eight active cases of COVID-19 as the county continues to feel the impact of a slight bump in cases over the last few days, which the health department has publicly stated is at least in part a result of July 4 activities and recent travel

Since the beginning of the pandemic, 175 people have now tested positive for coronavirus, and 167 of those people have recovered. The uptick is small but noticeable: after weeks of fairly slow growth, there have been seven new cases detected in the last seven days. Two more positive tests were reported on Sunday. 

There are still no active hospitalizations as a result of COVID-19, and Tompkins County has had nobody die as a result of the disease that killed more than 30,000 people in New York and thousands more countrywide, a number that continues to increase as other states now witness daily spikes of positive tests and hospitalizations. There were no deaths in New York from the virus on Saturday, the first death-free day in the state since March. 

There have been 18,625 tests administered in Tompkins County. 18,312 tests have come back negative, while 138 tests are still pending. 

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Michael Bryant

Tests mean nothing- cases mean nothing. It's a way to keep stoking the fear and continue to play political football with our lives. The complete capitulation and brainwashing of Americans here is breathtaking- particularly amongst the supposed "educated class."

Lying about COVID deaths is rampant from misdiagnosis based solely by PCR test which constitutes medical malpractice, according to FDA that requires precise clinical diagnosis not test alone, second test is unspecific meaning person has some fragment of RNA chain but per FDA that may indicate other virus or bacterial infections resulting in false positive, third if PCR test correctly detect SC2 RNA fragments it tells us nothing about severity of infection and whether or not virus is alive and possess a threat or not at all.

Death of SC2 free admitted test positive patients nosocomial infections is also fraudulently not removed from epidemiological assessments about spread thusly inflating death toll of manufactured "pandemic."

Other fraud is framing new case numbers as "shocking" claiming total COVID case numbers are "on the rise" in US. That is a lie. In fact real properly diagnosed cases potentially capable of spreading virus in US today is perhaps 100, 000, 1% or less today as most of those test positives who were correctly tested 7-9 days ago are no longer infected and they are no longer COVID cases at all as they developed antibodies and are harmless to others as far as virus spreading is concerned.

Interesting is how the MSM's "experts", wholly corrupted doctors like Gupta e.g., are against serological testing (which is specific with no FDA warning about false positives) includes refusal, unlike PCR test ,to pay for the test by insurance companies including state run healthcare and health insurance, the very tests that would determine how many people in US are already immune (approx at least 60 millions) and are not spreading SC2 which is critical for lifting restrictions.

Like in the beginning January and February random population epidemiological surveys were refused to be funded or suppressed to push fake pandemic model based on a doomsday scenario put forth by the ALWAYS wrong Neil Ferguson and Imperial College (guess who funds them?), now hard serological data is deliberately discouraged because only few can afford $1000 or more serological test to pay out of pocket if doctors refuse to prescribe it while insurance refuses to pay for it, especially that it would be baselessly dismissed by CDC as any kind of validation of individual people being virus free and immune, safe to interacting among population as they blatantly push for vaccines even as they admit that this will not necessarily solicit immunity as a response (creating specific antibodies).

The COVID affair is 99% total fraud and fabrication with 1% of mild vaguely defined pathogens with minute impact on public health,

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