Reproductive rights are now part of Ithaca's human rights codes.

At its July 6 meeting, Common Council unanimously passed a resolution amending Ithaca’s human right codes to include an Article protecting reproductive rights.

The amendment states that the purpose of the new Article “is to recognize the importance of reproductive healthcare as a matter of health, privacy, and equality and to ensure, to the greatest extent permitted by law, that those rights are upheld for all within the City of Ithaca.”

After the vote, Alderperson Robert Gesualdo Cantelmo of the City’s 5th Ward announced, “effective immediately, Ithaca is now a sanctuary city for abortion.”

The amendment states that no city resources can be used for “detaining persons for performing or aiding in the performance of an abortion within this state, or in procuring an abortion in this state,” if the abortion is performed in accordance with all applicable New York State laws. It also states that no city resources can be used for “cooperating with or providing information to any individual or out-of-state agency or department regarding the provision of a lawful abortion performed in the state.”

While conceding that the New York State Legislature and Governor Kathy Hochul are currently working on similar legislation that would make Ithaca’s law unnecessary, Cantelmo stressed that such State protection could take time to become law while Ithaca’s protections are now in place.

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Richard Ballantyne

The womb is supposed to be a sanctuary for the fragile human fetus. How ironic that "sancturary city" Ithacans desecrate that sacred space, slaughter the life therein from limb to limb, then go around bragging about how virtuous they are. If you don't want a child then choose to not get pregnant.

Zac Alling

What do you know about the sanctity of the womb, Richard? Do you have one?

Richard Ballantyne

I know enough. Even people with minimal amounts of intelligence can understand that both knowledge of X, and ownership of X aren't necessarily mutually inclusive. Botonists dont have leaves, but that doesnt mean they can't be plant experts. Similarly, male gynecologists know about female parts without having them themselves. Zac, I sense you're triggered by what I said...probably because it's true. Also, expertise is not even required to know certain basic facts, like the difference between male and female.

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