Ithaca Fire Department

Sometime before 3 p.m, Tompkins County 911 received a call for a woman in distress near Six Mile Creek between Treva Avenue and Giles Street. The Ithaca Police and Fire Departments, and Bangs Ambulance responded to the call. A passerby heard the woman’s call for help and stood by to direct crews in. 

Ithaca Fire crews from the downtown and Collegetown stations arrived and found the woman down a 40-foot embankment the trail does not have access to. She was cold and had been down there for some time.

Firefighters deployed rope rescue and went down to treat the woman’s injuries. They soon hauled her back up with help from Ithaca Police Officers and paramedics from Bangs Ambulance. She was placed in a waiting ambulance which took her to an area hospital.

The Ithaca Fire Department wants to remind all residents to be cautious around local gorges and to let people know where you will be walking. They also advise carrying a cell phone and know where you are in case there is an emergency. 

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Ken Deschere

We cannot express gratitude often enough to our remarkable first responders. Great help, when we need it most. Thank you, all!

Kathy Miner

[batman]When do these peeps wake up and smell the coffee...they put people's lives at risk to come and get them....they are smart enough to get where they are, but not smart enough to stand upright

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