Ithaca Fire Department rescue

IFD mid-rescue. 

The Ithaca Fire Department’s Rope Rescue Team was called out again on Sunday to help an injured person at the 30 Foot Dam near Giles Street.

For the third time this month, according to a fire department release, Rope Rescue crews from IFD were dispatched to access and rescue someone injured in Ithaca. The rescue took place at the back of the 30 foot dam near Giles Street, regarding a man who had jumped 40 feet into the water and injured his shoulder. 

The man was rescued by Bangs Ambulance Paramedics and IFD personnel, who made their way down the trail to him, placed him in a rescue basket and brought him out of the ravine using a rope system, after which he was taken to the hospital. 

Two other times this month crews responded to the same area for people with ankle injures from jumping or falling near the dam. Firefighters used rope systems and ladders on those calls to get the people out safely. Other calls for help from Coddington Road and Lake street this month have kept the department’s technical rescue team busy.

"The Ithaca Fire Department practices regularly for rope and other technical rescue situations, to be able to handle these types of calls," the statement said. "However, the department reminds everyone to only hike on approved paths and never swim in any restricted locations."

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