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The Ithaca City School District's budget has been approved, and the three members of the board who were up for re-election received the most votes, retaining their positions on the board. 

Both Sabrina Draffen and Sophia Lux mounted grassroots campaign and generated significant support on social media in the weeks leading up to the election. They were defeated by incumbents Patricia Wasyliw, Sean Eversley Bradwell and Christopher Malcolm. 

Below are the results as released by Ithaca City School District Wednesday afternoon. 

Proposition No. 1 Proposed 2020-2021 Annual District Budget

YES Votes: 5,526

NO Votes: 1,682

Proposition No. 2 Appropriation and Expenditure of Capital Reserve Funds

YES Votes: 5,606

NO Votes:1,563

School Board Election


Votes For

Sabrina Draffen


Sean Eversley Bradwell


Sophia Lux


Christopher Malcolm


Patricia Wasyliw


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