House crash

The scene outside Mary Jo Watt's house on Tuesday afternoon. 

“A car just hit my house!” Mary Jo Watts tweeted on Tuesday morning. The damage was ”miraculously” limited to the house’s garden and bushes and there were no injuries to the foundation or to people, Watts said, who lives across from Beverly J. Martin Elementary School.

Ithaca Police Department spokesperson Jamie Williamson said in this instance, one car was using Watts’ driveway to turn around when it pulled into the path of an oncoming vehicle. The ensuing collision pushed the reversing car into Watts’ house. Williamson said the car nudged the house and didn’t cause any structural damage.

Watts expressed gratitude to the quick response of local police and emergency personnel, but said she was still concerned about the danger of the area. According to Watts, people continually use her driveway to turn around, sometimes damaging her lawn and property while doing so.

“We're between speed humps and in a school zone so that helps a little, but it's not a cure. I've seen a pickup truck fly through the intersection at Buffalo and Plain so fast that their back window shattered,” Watts wrote in an email. “They kept going.”

Watts also said she worried about the upcoming Ithaca Neighborhood Housing Services development in the area, and the potential effects of changes to traffic.

INHS has previously stated that they are contracting SRF Associates to analyze potential changes in traffic and parking patterns in the area that may arise as a result of construction to the Immaculate Conception School property nearby.

“It was a matter of time, really,” Watts said.


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