Basketball hoop

A backboard with no rim. 

Tompkins County Public Health Department has issued a letter recommending the closing of recreation areas in the county that use shared equipment. The letter was signed and dated today by Public Health Director Frank Kruppa. 

"I am recommending the closing of recreational facilities where equipment is shared, such as playgrounds, basketball courts, tennis courts, pickle ball courts, soccer fields, etc.," Kruppa wrote. "Other recreational facilities where social distancing cannot be maintained should also be closed. Social distancing includes at least six feet of separation at all times."

Kruppa further requested that signage be placed at all "trails and parks" which would encourage social distancing. He included suggested wording for those signs, which would tell people to maintain social distance between themselves and others and encourage them to stay home instead of using the public spaces. 

"Everyone has a part to play in stopping the spread," the language stops. 

Public officials have been telling people for some time to stay away from public spaces, and taken some steps to encourage that, such as removing the hoops from local basketball courts. 

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