The cancellation of the annual GrassRoots Festival due to the coronavirus outbreak was a significant blow to the local music scene, as the yearly celebration of music and art was a staple of the summer festival schedule and would draw thousands of people to Trumansburg for the weekend. 

But luckily, fans of the festival won't have to go the full year without a taste of GrassRoots, as organizers have announced that they will be starting four separate livestreams of archived GrassRoots festival music which will be available from July 16-19, with streams running from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m. each day.

"We will keep the basic, familiar structure and schedule of a typical GrassRoots Festival, including four 'stages,'" the announcement stated. "Bubba George Stringband will kick off the festival on the Infield; Mac Benford will start the Dance Tent; the GRF Orchestra will be in its place, as will the band contest, morning yoga, etc. The entire Your Roots At Home festival will be curated from the archive of recorded GrassRoots Festival music." 

The event will be streamed on the Twitch platform, seemingly from, although the event's announcement said that each stage will have its own stream (making it four streams total), and that the streams can be joined at any time by people online. 

The schedule of which bands will be featured on which streams and when isn't clear yet, though organizers are asking for footage submissions to More information can be found at The schedule is expected to be announced on July 6. 

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