Rope rescue July 6

The Ithaca Fire Department’s Rope Rescue Team was called out again, to the 30 Foot Dam near Giles Street, for a swimmer who was injured while jumping to a rock platform.

The Rescue crew was dispatched again Sunday to access and rescue someone injured at a popular and unofficial swimming area. Tompkins County 911 Dispatchers received a call Sunday around 5:30 pm for a woman injured and stuck on a precarious rock platform.

Bangs Ambulance Paramedics and IFD personnel once again made their way down the trail. An Ithaca Firefighter rappelled down to the platform, splinted the victim’s injured ankle and secure the woman into a harness. They then brought her down to a safe location, loaded her in a rescue basket and hauled her up and out of the steep ravine. Bangs Paramedics treated the patient and transported her to an area hospital.

"Four other times, so far this season, crews have responded to the same area for people with various injures from jumping or falling near the dam," the press release stated. "Firefighters often must use rope and ladder systems to get victims and Rescuers out safely. Other calls for help, to areas in and surrounding Ithaca, have kept the department’s technical rescue team busy this summer."

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Dwight Mengel

Like moths attracted to a flame, they go to the dam to jump. Gravity is a thrill. There are many safer places to swim.

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