Ithaca Police Department

On August 29, several Tompkins County law enforcement agencies joined forces to crack down on motorists using their cell phones while driving. The Distracted Driver Enforcement Detail focused on distracted drivers in the City of Ithaca with the City of Ithaca Police, New York State Police, and the Tompkins County Sheriff’s Department all participating. A total of 38 tickets were issued within a four-hour time period. 

29 violations were issued for using a cellphone while driving, three were issued for not using a seatbelt, one was issued for an improper child restraint, and five others being issued for additional reasons. Using a cell phone, even if it's on speaker, texting, or using an electronic device while driving is dangerous. If found guilty of it, a cellphone/electronic device ticket can carry a hefty fine and will put 5 points on your driver’s license. 

The City of Ithaca Police Department works with the Tompkins County District Attorney’s office to offer an educational class to inform motorists about the dangers of using cell phones while driving. The class is not just for anyone who received a ticket and all members of the public are encouraged to attend. Any Questions about the Distracted Driving Class can be directed to the Ithaca Police Department Records division.


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