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Tuesday in Danby and Enfield, Democratic primaries were held to determine the candidates that will run on the Democratic ticket in November. The results are listed here, from the Tompkins County Board of Elections website

As you will see, some of the following races are extremely close, and could be decided by ongoing absentee ballot counts. 

Town of Danby Supervisor

 Candidates Vote % Vote total
 Joel P. Gagnon 50.96%


 Ric Dietrich 49.04% 154

Town of Danby Justice (Vote for 2)

Candidate Vote %Vote total 
 Theresa H. Klinger 38.5% 211
 Garry J. Huddle 35.6% 195
 Deawn Hersini 25.9% 142

Town of Danby Council (Vote for 2)

 Candidate Vote %Vote total 
 Leslie A. Connors 28.7% 186
 Sarah A. Schnabel 27.0% 176
 Ted Crane 24.0% 156
 Jack L. Miller, Jr.  20.3% 132

Town of Enfield Supervisor

 Candidate Vote %Vote total 
 Beth McGee 65.9% 141
 Amanda Kirchgessner 34.1% 73

Town of Enfield Clerk

Candidate  Vote % Vote total
 Ellen Woods 50.24% 103
 Mary Cornell 49.76% 102

Town of Enfield Council (vote for 2)

Candidate Vote % Vote total 
 Robert Lynch 34.1% 140
 Stephanie Redmond 30.5% 125
 Darren McGee 18.5% 76
 Paul Norman 16.8% 69

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