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Cornell’s Ithaca and AgriTech campuses will be closed beginning at 3 a.m., Tuesday, March 14, due to the approaching winter storm. Classes, exams, events, and activities scheduled for Tuesday are canceled and campus services will be operating on a limited basis.

The university plans to reopen on Wednesday, March 15, at 3 a.m. and an update message will be sent by Tuesday evening confirming reopening plans.

For Students: Residence halls remain open, and students are encouraged to limit outdoor exposure times.  Information about Student and Campus Life services and facilities during the closure can be found at

For Staff: Personnel responsible for providing essential services should report to work per their department’s instructions. Please avoid undue risks when traveling and consult with your supervisor if you have questions or concerns about scheduling.

For Instructional Staff: All classes and exams are cancelled while the university is closed. Contact the Office of the University Registrar for assistance in rescheduling exams.

Campus Services:  Cornell Libraries, all on-campus retail stores (The Cornell Store, Statler, Sage, Garden Gift Shop and Orchards Store), Print Services, and Cornell Store Warehouse will be closed on Tuesday, March 14.

For the latest TCAT operating status, visit

For information about pay practices when the university is closed, refer to

Crews will be working throughout the storm to maintain safe conditions on campus. You can check the university operating status at https://emergency.cornell.eduor by calling the Inclement Weather phone at 607-255-3377.

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Magic Lamp

Wow, that's amazing. They never closed back when I worked there, even during the blizzard in 1993. They just expected you to take your life in your hands and get there. Cornell must be getting soft. 😅

Nevin Sabet-Swingle

Yeah - there wasn't even a foot of snow and they closed the entire city down!! LOL!

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