Cornell Orchard Store

According to a story in the Cornell Chronicle, the Cornell Orchards Store will close after this week. 

After Jan. 31, the Orchards Store, which served as a retail outlet for Cornell's myriad apple products, will remain closed indefinitely. The article states that the school is investigating its options for reopening later in the year. 

"Beyond that date, a return of the public retail portion of the orchards is uncertain, as the operation has been struggling financially for many years," read the article, which appeared in Cornell's PR publication. "Administrators from the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station in Ithaca are exploring options for future seasonal retail apple sales."

“Our robust Cornell Orchards research and outreach operation will continue serving the public and the Cornell community, as it has for decades,” said Jan Nyrop, associate dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, and director of the Cornell University Agricultural Experiment Station, which operates the orchards.

Nyrop said in the article that the school will continue to sell apples to wholesalers. The store opened in the 1950s. The article claims that the store's two full-time employees are being helped by the school for reassignment, while the unnumbered other employees were seasonal. 

The Cornell Orchards produces about 10,000 bushels (210 tons) of apples.

"It will remain a research and extension operation, a 'living laboratory' to support about 300 students who work on 10-15 faculty research projects for apples, grapes, stone fruits and berries in support of New York state’s fruit industry," the article continues. 

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Beth Fischi

If you love this store, please sign the petition to keep it open:

Beth Fischi

Terrible news. Isn't there some compromise?

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