Stewart Park

Playgrounds in the City of Ithaca will re-open next week after a cleaning process, thanks to a $25,000 anonymous donation that Mayor Svante Myrick announced Friday. 

The donation frees up enough money to bring some park staffers back who were furloughed over the last several weeks due to the city's financial woes related to the coronavirus outbreak. While the region had been moving into Phase 4 re-opening, which would have permitted the opening of playgrounds, Myrick said without the donation the city wouldn't have been able to afford to bring the staff members back to safely open the facilities. 

"It's going to allow us to recall from furlough some of our employees, so that they can start a regiment of disinfection and sanitizing all of the playgrounds in the entire city," Myrick said. "All of the playgrounds the city owns will be open next week and will be sanitized daily."

The donation comes on the heels of another large donation to the city, which received $90,000 from Purity Ice Cream and the Legacy Foundation earlier this week that will allow them to keep Alex Haley Pool at GIAC open for the summer. 

Myrick again mentioned that people can further support youth programming through the United Way of Tompkins County's giving page.  

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