Best of Ithaca 2018 4

The Ithaca Times Best of Ithaca Readers Poll is one of the longest such annual surveys in New York State. Now in our 36th year, the original and first began at the San Francisco Bay Guardian 43 years ago. Veterans to BOI know that we’re always changing up the categories, so that no shoe, sub sandwich or sycamore tree can ever get complacent and secure. From year to year, you never know who will win what, and who we’ll be calling with good news.

Here are the categories for 2018. Winners and their comments can be found at one of the following links:

Winner Groups:

Best of Ithaca: Food and Drink

Awards for best pizza slice, best sports bar, best daily specials, etc. 

Best of Ithaca: People

Awards for best local actor, best dentist, best massage therapist, etc.

Best of Ithaca: Dining

Awards for best restaurant for visitors, best restaurant service, best new restaurant, etc. 

Best of Ithaca: Essentials

Awards for best Farmer's Market booth, best mani/pedi, best barbershop, best new business, etc. 

Single Winners:

Best of Ithaca: Community Celebration and Festival

Best of Ithaca: Local Sporting Event

Best of Ithaca: Local Theater Production

Best of Ithaca: Open Mic Night

Best of Ithaca: Local Radio Show

Best of Ithaca: Cultural Asset


Ithaca brought their A-game when it came to advice for Mayor Svante Myrick and the best ways to fit in, or stand out, in Ithaca. For the record, the Ithaca Times can not endorse all of these answers. 

It's a long list, but here it all is. 


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