Rope Rescue

Six Mile Creek Gorge rescue

The Ithaca Fire Department’s Rope Rescue Team was called out again for a man who was injured after falling along the trail in Six Mile Creek.

The IFD crew was dispatched Saturday around 6:30 p.m. to access and rescue a man, who had fallen off the steep and narrow trail just below the 60-foot damn, near Six Mile Creek Vineyards in Ithaca. 

Bangs Ambulance Paramedics and IFD personnel made their way down the trail, off of Route 79, and discovered the man with ankle and hip injuries along the creek. Ithaca Firefighters set up a rope rescue system to get the man back up to the main trail, then hauled him in a rescue basket along the tight path to another steep embankment.

The team then built another system with ropes and pulleys, lifting the man the rest of the way to an ambulance. Bangs Paramedics treated the patient and transported him to an area hospital. The response and rescue in that challenging section of the gorge, took about two hours.

"The Ithaca Fire Department’s technical rescue team has been kept busy this summer with many rescues in the area gorges," the department's release said. "They remind everyone to hike with a partner, only hike on approved paths, let people know where you are going, carry a cell phone and know where you are on the trail system. Be aware of your surroundings and heed all warning signs. Use common sense and please be safe this summer."

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