Alderperson Robert Gesualdo Cantelmo

On January 8, Fifth Ward Alderperson Robert Gesualdo Cantelmo announced that he will be running for Mayor to replace Laura Lewis when her term expires at the end of the year.

Cantelmo represents the Fifth Ward on Ithaca’s Common Council, which includes Fall Creek and Cornell Heights. He is also a proud father of two young Ithacans and leads the Democratic Threats and Resilience project for the Einaudi Center at Cornell University. 

“The City of Ithaca needs leadership that can deliver on its promises, promote transparency, and offer a clear vision for our community,” said Alderperson Cantelmo. “I am running for mayor to ensure the implementation of our green new deal and public safety reform, promote housing affordability through zoning reform and expanded tenant protections, and restore employee morale and confidence in city hall. I will work tirelessly and in partnership with our community and my city and county government colleagues to find solutions to these challenges together.”

During his first year in office, Cantelmo chaired the City Administration Committee and the Budget Committee and served on the Public Safety Committee. He was also the city liaison to the Downtown Ithaca Alliance and the Human Services Coalition of Tompkins County. 

In the past year, Cantelmo authored legislation and built coalitions to secure major victories for economic justice, reproductive healthcare, and public safety reform. 

In May, Ithaca became the second city in New York to adopt pay transparency legislation, requiring employers to list good-faith pay estimates in job ads in an effort to reduce gender and racial pay gaps.Governor Hochul recently signed legislation that will make this a statewide requirement beginning in September.

Following the Supreme Court’s historic roll-back of Roe v. Wade, Cantelmo drafted the amendments to the city code to enshrine the protection of reproductive rights and make Ithaca a sanctuary city for abortion healthcare.

As part of the community’s reimagining public safety efforts, he introduced the resolution establishing a deputy chief of staff for public safety and requiring the mayor to provide a written evaluation on the impact of civilian oversight. 

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thomas tordel jr

frankly, nice words, head them before,, IF he gets the job THAT will show if he means it. City realities usually block worthwhile changes..

Nevin Sabet

Let the campaign for Best Narcissist begin!

Elisabeth Hegarty

I'd like to know his educational background and what else he has done that would help him be sufficiently knowledgeable as a mayor of Ithaca.

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