Ithaca Homeless Crisis

This Sunday, CoreLife Eatery in Ithaca's Southwest will be the site of a fundraiser to help benefit Ithaca's homeless population.

Starting at noon on January 28, CoreLife will offer up a meal of any one greens, grains, or broth bowl & a famous CoreLife drink for $10 (plus tax) to raise money for the homeless. 50 percent of the proceeds will go directly to the Ithaca Rescue Mission while the other 50 percent will go specifically to a new outreach program in Ithaca's 'Jungle' area, specifically to cover the cost of items like blankets, kerosene and other essentials for those living outdoors.

This fundraiser, advocates say, is important: According to newly formed organization, Ithaca Homeless Crisis, homeless deaths in Ithaca are at an all-time high: The group said in just under a year, 14 individuals have died from plights including drug and alcohol addiction, malnutrition and lack of warmth due to their outdoor living conditions. Last year, the group said, Mike Foster, the manager for The Rescue Mission, a homeless shelter in Ithaca, reported 2016 as one of the worst years for Ithaca's homeless crisis, later adding that 2017 was 3-4 times worse than 2016.

Visit their event page here to purchase tickets.

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