Voting Day

Here are the results of the in-person voting on Tuesday, June 23 for the New York State Assembly 125th District to replace the retiring Barbara Lifton. More important than ever, remember that absentee ballot counting will be delayed until early July because of statewide absentee rules. There have been more than 7,000 absentee ballots submitted so these results only take into account who came out on June 23. 

The results as of 12:50 a.m. with 57 of 71 districts counted are:

Candidate Total Votes Vote percentage 
 Anna Kelles1,745 32.98
 Seph Murtagh1,036 19.58
 Sujata Gibson 800 15.12
 Jordan Lesser 789 14.91
 Jason Leifer 318 6.01
 Beau Harbin 244 4.61
 Lisa Hoeschele 186 3.52

District Attorney

Candidate Total Vote Vote Percentage
 Ed Kopko 2,20057.47 
 Matt Van Houten 1,62142.35

City Court Judge

 CandidateTotal Vote Vote Percentage 
 Seth Peacock 1,114 84.14
 Dan Johnson 209 15.79

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Meghan Beeby

So, the leading Assembly candidate via in person ballots has already blocked me, a potential constituent, on social media - just like trump. Only because I've asked her & she refuses to answer why she continues to publicize the endorsement of a blatantly sexist local doctor.

How progressive.

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