We are community leaders from across the 125th Assembly District representing a diverse set of backgrounds: nonprofit leaders, healthcare providers, teachers, professors, artists, activists, and elected officials. Together, we are raising our voices to endorse Seph Murtagh as the best candidate in the Democratic Primary for the NYS 125th Assembly seat. Here are some of the key reasons why we support Seph:

Experience:  Seph has been an effective leader on the Ithaca Common Council for 8 years, where he has also chaired the Planning & Economic Development Committee. He communicates regularly with constituents who appreciate his willingness to listen to their ideas on issues affecting us. Twenty former and current Council members, three Tompkins County Legislators, and many other elected officials from across the 125th Assembly District view Seph as a pragmatic progressive, willing to make difficult decisions with the best interests of our diverse community at the forefront. He also appreciates that economic development must take place in a sustainable way. 

District-wide Understanding:  Seph has five years of state-level experience working as Communications Coordinator for Assemblywoman Barbara Lifton. In that role, he has built relationships with community leaders like us across the 125th Assembly District and across the state.

Character:  Seph personifies empathy, dedication, integrity and common human decency. Modest, a good listener who is truly interested in what others have to say, Seph is interested in results and works hard with colleagues and the public to achieve them. When he is wrong, he admits it and takes action. He is grateful for the support he’s received from local labor and he has taken the ethical stance of recusing himself from voting on issues affecting his contributors, like the Ithaca Firefighters Union.

We are pleased to endorse Seph Murtagh for NYS Assembly. He will be a representative who will listen to us, effectively advocate for our needs, and always keep our interests front and center. Ithaca is a better place because of Seph. Seph will make Albany and our region a better place.

Jonathan Ablard

Nicole Allsopp, RN 

Don Barber 

Barbara Barry 

Don Beachler

Brigid Kuehn Beachler 

Randi Beckmann

Michelle Courtney Berry 

Laura Brown 

Phoebe Brown

Chris Carver 

Carol Cedarholm

Amanda Champion 

Dan Cogan

Rachel Coye, RN

Bill Demo

Sarah Demo

Hank Dullea

Sally Dullea 

Matthew Fellman

Carl Feuer 

Renate Ferro

Donna Fleming 

Karen Friedeborn 

Joanne Florino

Lori Gardner 

Trish Hansen 

Liz Hartman 

Eleanor Henderson 

Satomi Hill

Beth Hogan

Linda Holzbaur 

Shari Thomson Hubbert, RN

Rich John

Summer Killian, RN

Dan Klein

Frederik Kaufman

Laura Lewis

C. Vivian Lorenzo, MD

Josephine Martell

Ellen McCollister

George McGonigal 

Ken McClane

Jean McPheeters

Deb Mohlenhoff

Susie Monagan

Paula Moore, CNM

Tim Murray 

Kevin Murphy 

Beth Myers

Svante Myrick

Sue Perlgut 

Chris Proulx

Liz Quadrozzi 

Diana Reisman

Larry Roberts

Eric Rosario

Nick Salvatore 

Caitlin Schickel

Tom Schryver 

Rob Shepherd 

Mark Spadolini

Irene Stein 

Ann Sullivan

Liz Thomas 

Tracy Wertis, RN 

Gwen Wilkinson

Lesley Williamson

Stacy Wilson, RN 

Zee Zahava

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