Earl Martin has filed an Article 78 proceeding against Seneca County.

It has to do with the County’s decision to segment Sewer District No. 2.

He’s the owner of the former Hillside property, which was purchased from the Seneca County Industrial Development Agency.

The purchase itself, as was the case when he bought another large portion of the former depot, was viewed as controversial to some board members and members of the community.

At a meeting in December the Board of Supervisors agreed to decommission the wastewater treatment plant that served Hillside and First Light Technologies; hike the number of equivalent dwelling units charged to Martin from one to 54.5; and increase the sewer rate charged per EDU from $30 to $454.

An attorney for Martin, who filed the suite, alleges that the board’s actions were “arbitrary and captricious,” according to the Finger Lakes Times. David Cook, the Rochester-based attorney, also claims that the board’s actions would lead to a 1,500% annual increase in sewer fees for Deer Haven Park.

This story was originally published on FingerLakes1.com on Feb. 11.

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