Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles is expanding online services today.The plan will expand online operations to allow those who can complete transactions at home to do so, and provide more in-person time for those who are unable.

The DMV has initiated a pilot program to offer the written learner permit tests for passenger cars (Class D) and motorcycles (Class M) online. It is also piloting a process to allow customers who reside in counties served by the state DMV to register their vehicles online. 

"As the last six months have demonstrated, we need to continue reimagining how to provide essential government services safely, securely and efficiently in the midst of this pandemic," Cuomo said. "These online options will make it more convenient for New Yorkers to access the services they need, while reducing congestion in the DMV offices and helping continue our shared progress in stopping the spread of this virus."

 About the Online Permit Test

Select customers who currently have a reservation for an in-office permit test will be invited to take the exam online, and following the successful launch of this pilot, the online option will become available to all permit applicants later this fall. 

The online learner permit tests contain 50 questions and take approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. Those who pass the test will receive an email with further instructions about making a reservation at a DMV office to complete the process of getting their learner permit. An appointment to complete the process takes only 5 minutes, on average.

Applicants should use this guide to make sure they have the documents and proofs of identification needed, before going to the DMV.  Applicants have two years from the time they pass the test to schedule a reservation at the DMV and complete the application process.

A parent or guardian must supervise the test for anyone 16 and 17 years old, and then must accompany the applicant to the DMV to complete the application process and certify that they performed these duties.

As always, the tests are available in 16 languages including: English, Spanish, Albanian, Arabic, Bengali, Bosnian, Chinese, French, Greek, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Nepali, Polish, and Russian.

Reservations for road tests are available across the state to all drivers who have a permit. Drivers under age 18 must wait at least six months from the date they received their learner permit to schedule a road test.  

Other Online Services

There are also more than 60 other online transactions available. Customers can renew or replace their registration, renew their driver license, obtain a driving record (abstract), change their address, and plead or pay New York City traffic tickets and associated fees online.


In-Person Services

In-office reservations are available for a limited number of in-person services that cannot be done online, by mail or drop box. Reservations are required for all in-person transactions. The DMV recommends that all customers visit the DMV website and follow these tips, before coming to an office:

  • Check available services. Customers should make sure the service they want is being offered. Available services for each office are listed on the office locations webpage.
  • Gather required documents. Information on what documents are needed for each transaction can be found on the DMV website at Anyone planning to get a permit, a license or register a car for the first time should use our online document guides that allow customers to print a checklist of the documents they need.
  • Make a reservation. Appointments are required for any in-office visit. Customers can make a reservation to visit a state-run office at or by contacting their local DMV. To make sure transactions can be processed in the allotted reservation time and ensure social distancing, the DMV will only honor reservations for the service selected—other transactions will not be allowed.

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