The Fischell Band Center COVID-19 testing site (above) is one of several Cornell locations used to test students.

ITHACA, NY -- After a recent surge in cases in Tompkins County, Cornell University has moved to COVID Alert Level Yellow. Part of the rise in cases is due to a cluster at Cornell, specifically within the Greek like community, according to the Tompkins County Health Department.

Alert Level Yellow means that while the overall prevalence of the virus remains low, indicators show increased or potential for increase in transmission. As on Nov. 13, there are nine on-campus positives. The university urges students to follow public health guidance at all times, including wearing face coverings, maintaining social distance, limiting gatherings and practicing frequent handwashing.

Friday, Nov. 13 was the conclusion of in-person courses, so many students may be leaving Ithaca shortly. However, any student in quarantine or isolation is prohibited from leaving without permission of the Health Department.

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