McGraw Tower

McGraw Tower at Cornell University.

Cornell University has returned to alert level green after 13 straight days at level yellow. The change comes just after Cornell’s total "cases by week" had broken 50 cases over the week, and 60 in the week prior. 

This week Cornell experienced a “new normal” they’re hoping to sustain— zero cases were recorded for three days in a row, between Sept. 13–15. And since the Governor’s clarification on Monday, Cornell now only counts 3 cases within its second two-week 100-case threshold, down from 33 at the end of their period. 

In an email to the Cornell community on Wednesday, Provost Mike Kotlikoff and Vice President for Student and Campus Life Ryan Lombardi lauded the college community’s efforts that led to the rapid turnaround in case numbers.

“Our positivity rate remains low, and our program for surveillance testing has succeeded in providing early identification of cases — the majority of which have been asymptomatic,” they wrote. They also commended their student athletes on their efforts to control the spread of the virus. The university had previously identified student athletes as a cohort of students responsible for a cluster that started with nine students and quickly grew to 39.

The return to level green indicates the low prevalence of cases among the student body and a new control of the rate of transmission. Social gatherings continue to be limited to 10 people.

Tompkins County has seen a decline in the number of active COVID-19 cases, with single digit increases in new cases since Sept. 10. The county currently has 34 active cases, the Tompkins County Health Department reported Thursday.


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