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Cornell students Nick Rainier, left, Nyan Gadepalli, and Viswesh Swaninathan. 

ITHACA--Three Cornell juniors submitted a proposal to city of Ithaca Board of Public Works (BPW), at the board’s Monday, Aug. 18 public meeting, to install six waste receptacles throughout Collegetown and the Commons that small local businesses would be able to advertise on. BPW noted the proposal is similar to the discussions the board had with Tompkins Trust Company about putting their logo on the clock towers on the Commons.

The students, Viswesh Swaminathan, Nyan Gadepalli, and Nick Rainier—founders of CladNetwork, are focusing on creating the “next generation of billboards” via a waste unit that is “a weatherproof rectangular wooden frame with an embedded 40-inch LED TV, three galvanized 31 gallon steel waste bins, three waste openings, and two waste bin access doors.” Fiberglass panels would seal a plywood roof from the elements. Additional technology would include tracking of how full the bins become, and the trio noted their company would empty the bins upon 80 percent capacity.

CladNetwork’s proposal was met with support from the board, as it would provide free trash removal service for the city. However, it seems such units are a long way away from getting any kind of approval. Mayor Svante Myrick noted advertising on trash cans is a “tricky legal situation,” and that City Attorney Ari Lavine would do some homework on the matter and get back to the Cornell students on whether the city would be allowed to consider the proposal any further. 

1978 Agreement with Bolton Point to be Updated

Bill Gray, former Superintendent, has created an updated agreement with Bolton Point that still needs the city’s approval. The city entered into the agreement with the Town of Ithaca in 1978 to try and formalize the water arrangements that were made to accommodate the start up of the Bolton Point Water System and the segregation of the town’s distribution system from the City’s distribution system, which is the original source of supply. Gray noted that the update includes “some new things added to the agreement.” The board gave Gray the green light to continue the process to get the update approved. The proposal will now go back to Bolton Point before going back to the city for further approval. 

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