Chapter House in 1905

The owners of Ithaca’s Historic Chapter House building are announcing plans to rebuild the damaged structure, with the goal of having student housing and the Chapter House bar, opened for the 2016 academic school year. 

For work to begin, the existing structure will have to be demolished. “Unfortunately, the fire and subsequent water damage was too extreme” said Sebastian A. Mascaro, owner of the building. “After speaking with various experts, it simply made more economic sense to carefully demolish the building and start a new.”

The demolition paves the way for a new structure to be built on the existing site. “As tragic as the fire was, the new construction allows us to update the building and facilities.” Mr. Mascaro says the new construction will retain the charm of the historic district. “Our property manager actually found pictures from the early 1900’s which are being used as the model for the new facade. We will be able to maintain the historic look, which I think the community and historic commission will really appreciate.”

The Chapter House bar was located on the first floor of the 400-404 Stewart Ave building. It too will be returning with upgraded facilities. “What we are most excited about, is the fact that the Chapter House will reopen with new facilities, but keeping the same charm that its patrons know it for. We will recreate a lot of the important aspects while improving the location where we can. Working with Mr. John Hoey, the prior long-term Lessee and owner of the rights to the Chapter House Pub name, we have been able to ensure the bar will continue in its prior location. This was really important to us not only as owners of the building, but as alumni of Cornell to do everything we could to bring it back for future generations.” 

Demolition is slated to begin the week of July 20th with construction following approval of the plans. Owners hope to reopen in summer 2016.

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