This goat mother gave birth to four kids recently at Side Hill Acres in Candor.

This goat mother gave birth to four kids recently at Side Hill Acres in Candor.


Side Hill Acres in Candor has been in business for 35 years, and even during the pandemic the small business has thrived. 

“Life at the farm has gone well,” Kellogg said, “especially now we know spring is coming and we see sunshine.”

She said the farm has stayed busy during the pandemic mainly because it is considered an essential business; it produces goat milk products that consumers need, and the attached farm store is considered essential as well because of its grocery items, such as fresh eggs, beef, pork and chicken. 

This time of year is “kidding season.” 

“As I’m writing this we had another set of quads,” Kellogg said, adding that this is the third set of quads this year. 

“That makes the babies multiply pretty quick,” Kellogg said.  

Throughout the pandemic the farm has been able to keep up with the goat milk demand and keep prices the same. 

They have even expanded their store’s offerings. 

“We are always looking for new items to have available for our customers,” Kellogg said. “We met up with Paradiso’s Village Bakery Montour Falls, another small business, and decided to carry their pastries. It has been a big hit…Good tasting too.”

She added that there will be new items soon, such as pies and pre-order cakes. 

“I’m pretty excited about being able to offer pies and cakes to our customers,” Kellogg said. It will be on a pre-order basis. Customers are asked to put in their orders by Wednesday for delivery on Friday. 

“We also carry great tasting Pipecreek Breads made here in Candor,” Kellogg added. 

Due to the pandemic, the farm has been restricted from doing cheese sampling and tours, but Kellogg was notified recently that they may resume tours April 2. 

“Of course, there will be restrictions wearing—a mask, etc.,” she explained. “We are really excited, and the goats will be, too. They have missed the companionship of visitors and, of course, getting their pictures taken.”

Kidding season for the farm comes in three stages so that the they have production year-round. 

“We first started in October with about 25 giving birth,” said Kellogg. “That helps our supply milk through the winter months.” 

In February and March the farm starts “freshening” (having babies) again. So far Side Hill has had 65 kids, and more are due in April. 

 “The most important factor that has allowed us to survive the pandemic is to look at what we can do and plan to make it work. Knowing what customers want and needed was a big plus.” She also attributes the farm’s survival to not to giving up and having determination to survive.

“We would like to thank our community our customers, friends and family for keeping us in business during this whole pandemic,” Kellogg said, “and for all the support that they have shown.”

Side Hill Acres is located at 79 Spencer Rd., Candor. For inquires, call (607) 222-0321.

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