Cornell Cooperative Extension has purchased the old Schumacher Dairy Farm at 345 Cass Hill Rd. in Candor.

Cornell Cooperative Extension has purchased the old Schumacher Dairy Farm at 345 Cass Hill Rd. in Candor. 


At the July 13 meeting of the Candor Town Board, the newest executive director of Cornell’s Cooperative Extension (CCE), T. Hanson, was on hand to report exciting news to the board. Cooperative Extension has purchased the old Schumacher Dairy Farm at 345 Cass Hill Road in Candor. 

Hanson reported she and her staff will be using the farm as a demonstration farm holding youth programming, 4-H events, guidance in soil preservation and crop production, horticulture and animal science learning, a child’s garden and so much more. 

The property includes 107 acres with a large riding arena and three ponds. Hanson and her staff of 12 will also be moving their offices to the house on the farm. 

Cornell Cooperative Extension (CCE) has been serving Tioga County for over 100 years, providing information and education and programs in the agriculture field. For the past four decades the CCE has been operating out of rented office space at 56 Main Street in Owego.

The well maintained and clean farm on Cass Hill Road has 75 acres of open pasture, a recently renovated farm house, an indoor riding and exhibition arena, horse barn, a Quonset hut, milk barn, silos and ponds. 

Hanson reported CCE hopes to hold a ribbon cutting and open house soon now that the closing has been completed, and they are working on getting moved in and settled. They will continue working remotely, as they have been doing during the move. 

Lee Haefele of internet provider Haefele was also on hand to give a broadband update. First he gave a list of the homes covered by Haefele; the company serves about 206 homes, which means about 91 percent of the town has fiber optics. He talked about some of the roads that are more isolated, farther away from the town. 

Candor Town Supervisor Bill Strosahl talked about the franchise agreement that the Town of Candor has made with Haefele; and the board voted to pay $30,000, half of the franchise agreement. 

Haefele went on to report, “I am not sure how much longer we will be offering cable television as programmers keep raising their prices.” 

Tioga County IT Director Doug Cameen also spoke about the shared services program. He is helping local towns and villages join the county. “The costs may be the same but services will increase to some of the smaller towns and villages that join.” He went on to mention that towns like Owego, Waverly and Barton applied for grant and that this is also an option for Candor. “The State of New York has created a grant program to help with this need.” 

The board talked about the Town of Candor investigating applying for the grant to help them join the county program as they are coming up on a need for a server replacement. Both computers and phones service would be a part of the agreement. 

Candor Town Board Member Jim Douglas asked how the county will cover all the services necessary if a lot of municipalities decide to join the agreement, as the county has only nine people in its IT department. Cameen talked about working out cost formulas, which will all be agreed upon ahead of time, and sharing costs with the municipalities. Hiring more help may be an option down the road, he explained. 

During privilege of the floor a few residents were on hand to ask about improvements to their roads that are needed. Town Highway Superintendent Kevin Noble was not at the meeting, so the questions will be looked into by the highway committee. 

The Code Enforcement officer was not on hand for the meeting as well but it was reported that he collected about $250 in permits. 

The Dog Control and Kennel Committee reported there have been 10 dog complaints and one bite in the past month. 

The board voted to hire Delta Engineers to look into the “red flag” they have received for the bridge on Vanderpool Road. The steel beams may have to be replaced, and rough estimates so far could be about $9,000; but hope to have a more definite report as to what is needed soon. 

The board set a public hearing to be held on Aug. 10 at 7:00 p.m. to override the tax cap to help with the contract to help the Candor EMS with their expenses. The law will be posted on the town’s web site for anyone interested. 

The town board will also be discussing the NY Cannabis Management at their next meeting. 

The cemetery committee talked about the need to possibly allow more mowing of the cemeteries with the continuation of the rain, and the board voted to have them mowed more as necessary.

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