At the May 11 monthly meeting of the Candor Town Board, Ed Evans, chairman of the Candor Town Planning Board, reported on completing the final draft of the changes to the Seasonal Use Law. He talked about the planning board changing the wording to make the law more readable, but now it is in the hands of the town board. 

 Former town board member Matt Crowe was on hand asking a lot of questions about the Seasonal Use Law and the figures the Planning Board had come up with. Evans tried to answer some of his questions, but the town board is still reviewing, and Supervisor Bill Strosahl mentioned it will be publicizing the changes in the paper and having a public hearing before anything is passed. 

 In the highway department report, Candor Town Highway Superintendent Kevin Noble gave an update on the 284 Agreement, adding more road projects to the list to be done. Brink Road, Eckler Road, Slate Road, Union Hill Road, Roe Road, Kelsey Road, and Lower Crane’s Nest Road were some of the ones mentioned for work. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo returned the CHIPS funding, which had been reduced last year. Much of the planned work is repaving, with different types for different areas. The total cost of the projects is $631,000.

 In the Justice Committee report, the board accepted the resignation of Deputy Court Clerk Brianna Spires and appointed Lynn Shay as the new deputy court clerk. 

 The Code Enforcement Officer was not on hand, but the public learned from his monthly printed report that nine permits had been given, and some property maintenance letters went out. 

 Assessor’s Committee Member Patti Reichert reported that there were only two residents present for Grievance Day. 

 The board talked briefly about writing a letter of support to help designate Tioga County as part of the Finger Lakes National Heritage Area. There are currently 55 national heritage areas, and New York has four, hoping to make the Fingerlakes the fifth one. 

 Candor Town Board Member Jim Douglas reported on having the draft done on the Town Emergency Plan but said he still needs to do some work on it. 

 Strosahl reported on the EMS contract update; the total paid will be $435,000 for two years. Town officials have conversed with Brad Pinsky and will he will be reviewing the contract and checking the wording. The board talked about sending out a mailer to residents by the end of May to help keep them informed and is holding a public information meeting as well as a public hearing as it will be affecting the residents’ taxes. The public information meeting will be held on Saturday, June 12 at 1 p.m. at the Candor Town Pavilion. 

 A tire cleanup and joint village/town electronic recycling and paper shredding is being held on Friday, June 4 from noon to 4 p.m. and Saturday, June 5 from 8 a.m. to noon. The tire cleanup will be at the Candor Town highway barn; and the electronic recycling and paper shredding will be held across from the Old Home Central location. Residents will have to show proof of residency to bring items to either location.

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