At the Aug. 11 regular meeting of the Candor Town Board, Candor Town Highway Superintendent Kevin Noble reported the Tuttle Hill Road culvert is completed. The total cost for the culvert was $44,875. 

Noble also presented the board with an additional 284 Agreement (Agreement for the Expenditure of Highway Moneys) for $219,400 for work to be done on three additional roads. 

Noble explained that in the past if the town did not use up their CHIPS (Consolidated Local Street and High Improvement) funds it carries over, but this year his department is trying to use up the funds as he is unsure about next year’s funds because of the COVID-19 pandemic, considering the additional costs involved with closures, etc. 

Paving will be starting on Aug. 26 for some roads in the Town of Candor as well. 

The board voted to approve the final payment for Jim Douglas, former code enforcement officer for the town, for his extra work on the dam project. He continued to help on the project even after he officially retired as code enforcement officer. 

Approval was also passed to take $10,180 from the Town General Fund and $66,017 from the highway department, most of which went toward the Tuttle Hill Road culvert. 

The board is in the process of getting together for sexual harassment and workplace violence training, which New York States mandates must me done every year. Much of the training can currently be done virtually, but there must not be too many in a gathering and must abide by pandemic precautions. 

A large part of the Town Board meeting was taken up by a statement as well as questions from Melvin Foster, president of the Candor Free Library Board. Candor Town Supervisor Bill Strosahl had been questioned by a resident due to the fact that the library receives some funds from the Town and Village of Candor as well as Candor Central School District. 

Foster was concerned the Candor Town Board might consider defunding the library, but the board assured him the library has been and will stay in the budget. 

Although considered a village library, the Candor Free Library is used by town and village residents as well as students and just reopened. Their hours are Monday through Friday, 3 to 6 p.m., and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to noon. Patrons must wear masks and abide by the social distancing protocol. 

The Candor Town Board met outside in the Town Pavilion and may meet there again in September before possibly going back to virtual meetings. 

It was also noted that the Candor History Center will reopen on Monday, Aug. 17, and those coming in must abide by social distancing and wear a mask.

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