The Town of Candor is still waiting on federal funds from FEMA in the form of reimbursement for the new dam, pictured here in late March.

The Town of Candor is still waiting on federal funds from FEMA in the form of reimbursement for the new dam, pictured here in late March.


At the regular Candor Town Board meeting of April 9 discussions went on among the board about the reapplication to FEMA for more funds for the dam project, but still no word from FEMA.  

Code enforcement officer Martin Jerzak reported on working with Keystone Associates about their tower. This tower will be behind the fire department, about 20 feet high and used for training. 

During Jerzak’s report Supervisor Strosahl inquired about any buildings that have over 100 or more gathering the State of NY can inspect.  Jerzak said the town can opt out of the inspection which cost $100 if done; and would be businesses like the American Legion, or Bostwick’s Antique Store and Auction House. If an inspection is done its good for one year, but currently the state inspector is covering about five counties.  

Board member Matt Crowe gave a report for the highway department and mentioned a need to replace about three staff and they have interviewed candidates but none had their CDL licenses.  Crowe suggested giving them six months to get their licenses.  

Ed Evans of the Planning Board reviewed some changes made to the fee schedule and presented it to the board for approval.  He mentioned demolition of a structure fee increasing, and renewable energy installation going down.  Mobile home permits increased from $5 to $10 per lot.  

Evans also talked with the board about some interest in food trucks; and the Planning board looking into clarification of “tiny houses.”  Items that need clarification like if they have a certain amount of square footage; and if they are on wheels if they are considered a residence?  

Jerzak brought up the subject of tractor trailers being used for storage.  Evans questioned of they are being maintained and if they should be taxed or not.  The Planning Board will also have to be investigating tractor trailers as Jerzak reported there are about 30 being used in the Town of Candor. 

The updated fee schedule of the Planning board was approved by the board and will be able to be viewed on the town’s web site. 

The Town received a request by REAP for monetary support at 20 cents per resident adding up to $1,063, and Strosahl reported the Village Mayor offered to pay $120 from the Village, leaving the Town’s portion to be $943.  

Strosahl also reported the Village will be holding a paper shredding on June 8 from 8:00am to noon; which will be costing the village about $1,000; and they didn’t ask the town for any funds but town residents are welcome to bring their items to be shredded as well.  

Tire cleanup was also discussed and Strosahl will be looking into the issue as in the past Weitsman has helped.  

Angie Malone, webmaster for the Town of Candor, reported she will be posting the new fee schedule from the Planning Board as well as the forms for the use of the pavilion and town hall rooms.  

During the second privilege of the floor, resident Sue Heavenrich inquired “When are we going to address zoning?”  

In response to the questions one member of the public said he thought the Town has enough regulations.  

Board member Sandra MacArthur questioned if there is some way to keep more Dollar General stores from coming to Candor, as most residents feel that two of the store five miles apart is enough for the community. Strosahl mentioned the sales tax coming to the town thanks to Dollar General.

Malone questioned about the fees and learned they are they are used to make sure the regulations from the State of New York are followed.


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