At the Sept. 16 meeting of the Candor School Board of Education, elementary and high school principals reported the first days of opening the schools went well, even despite the downpour that hit while trying to load buses. Now they have worked on a plan for downpours. 

Both principals, Junior/Senior High School Principal Wayne Aman and Elementary Principal Katie Volpicelli, reported on having less student aides but are hoping to remedy that soon; and each had a few new students enrolled this summer. The administration is hoping to have an assistant superintendent as well soon. 

There was some talk of having meetings with parents done virtually and how well that worked, so may be offering teacher’s conferences virtually as well. 

The Director of Curriculum and Instruction talked about working with a lot of new teachers. The instruction team who observe teachers talked about being sure to focus on the three C’s: communication, collaboration, and critical thinking. “The start of the year felt a little more normal.” 

Covid protocols were reviewed by everyone, and did not seem to have any students objecting to the mask wearing despite some of the parents objecting. 

Director of Technology Instruction Matt Gelder reported on working with the elementary students and working with the devices, and later talked about redesigning the school’s website. “What is the current website lacking?” was the question, and board president Hannah Murray encouraged him to try and get some feedback from the public. 

The Director of Transportation Holly Carling reported on the success of bus drills being held at the bus garage. 

“It has been a great opening and I am impressed with everything, especially the students who were appropriately engaging and friendly. There was a very positive energy,” Superintendent of Schools Brent Suddaby said. He commented that everyone even stayed pleasant during the downpour, and he did not see that the regulations have been a real problem for the students. 

Suddaby talked about having weekly testing of any faculty not vaccinated in the near future. He also reported that Tioga County Health Department is looking for vaccination sites, and Johnson & Johnson vaccinations will be held on Oct. 1 at the Candor High School. Residents interested are advised to check with the health department for other sites to set appointments. 

Denise Ahart was on hand for the meeting with “Holly” the service puppy in training she is working with and has been bringing to the school, and teaching the students in the elementary school about service dogs. Once a service dog is at a certain point in the training and is wearing the service dog vest, she explained to the students they should not try to pet them. “It seems to be easier for the kids to understand than the adults,” she joked. 

Board member Mike Blake praised the staff, saying, “Everyone is doing a great job, which makes our job easier.” 

“My kids are psyched to be back in school,” President Murray said. 

Two visitors on hand praised the board and faculty for the good work it is doing.

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