Members of the Candor Town Board review local agriculture building laws at meeting Jan. 14

Members of the Candor Town Board review local agriculture building laws at meeting Jan. 14


At the Jan. 14 regular meeting of the Candor Town Board, a discussion among board members occurred after Town Code Enforcement Officer Martin Jerzak gave his report about permits for new agricultural buildings.  

One of the topics brought up was what exactly constitutes an agricultural building, and it was noted that 51 percent of what is being stored in the agricultural building must be bringing in income.  

It was noted that New York State passed a law stating that agricultural buildings cannot be assessed and taxed, but currently the Town of Candor is requesting a permit but not charging a fee for it. 

After much discussion back and forth on wording of the law and what is on Candor’s Town books, a resident advised the board to make a decision whether they still need a permit or not.  Supervisor Bill Strosahl suggested “the board should set a date and make a decision.” The issue is supposed to be decided before the next Town board meeting on Feb. 11. 

Ed Evans of the Candor Town Planning Board reported on the board hearing about plans for a pet crematory for their consideration at the old Jehovah’s Witness church. Evans also mentioned that due to the proposed business being along a state highway, the county has a right to review the plans as well, but it will still be Town’s final say. 

Evans also reported, “The planning board is reviewing laws and seeing what needs to be updated. The board has already updated 239 agreement with the County.”  

The Candor Town Board of Appeals is working on updating policies and training.  

Strosahl gave an update on the dam project, saying, “We are still working on the paperwork.”  Board Member Jim Douglas spoke up and said he will be talking to FEMA this week.  

Candor Town Highway Superintendent Kevin Noble reported on meeting with FEMA on the Halloween 2019 flooding event and also on the Tuttle Hill Project and said more paperwork is needed.  

Noble also reported that the Town highway barn needs some work. “One of the garage door motors needs replacing,” he said. After discussing the costs, Strosahl instructed Noble to get a couple of bids on the cost.  

During Noble’s report, former board member Matt Crowe asked about Lower Fairfield Road, and Noble said, “The DEC won’t let us in there.”  

Noble also mentioned the highway department currently has an opening, which will be posted on the Town of Candor web site for more information. 

The Justice Committee reported on the appointment of Les Swartz for Town Justice for one year, ending Dec. 31, 2020. 

Dog Control Officer Denise Liske attended the meeting and mentioned a minor dog bite incident at the Candor School. She was called and was on her way for a reported small dog hiding scared under some playground equipment when someone on staff tried to pull the dog out and was bitten. 

Some discussion went on about looking into having Haefele connection for internet for the Town hall and the Town barn, for money-saving purposes. 

Resident Roy Yarrington was on hand to request being allowed to plant a tree in honor of Justice Gary Dence, who resigned as Candor Town justice on Dec. 31. Dence will decide what kind of tree, and Yarrington talked about a couple locations but won’t be planting till about April. The board approved at a cost of $200.  

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