At the Sept. 14 meeting of the Candor Town Board, highway superintendent Kevin Noble was not present, so board member Jim Brixey gave the report. The town’s highway department has had two catalytic converters stolen from its equipment along with two batteries. He also reported that a big truck the department has on order will not be received until about February 2022. 

Board member Ed Evans talked about viewing recycling being thrown out along Route 96 and on the side roads, another issue the town highway department may have to deal with. 

Evans also reported that the Town of Candor Planning Board met a week ago and are looking into grants for a sidewalk project. Evans also brought up putting a plan together to get the restrooms completed in the town pavilion. The Candor’s Farmers’ Market will be ending by the end of September, but events are held there during the Candor Fall Festival, and the Candor Farmer’s Market has been holding a Christmas event shortly after Thanksgiving. Supervisor Bill Strosahl said he would look into getting the bathrooms done, getting a work committee and volunteers was discussed. 

Strosahl also talked about getting the solar panels down, but is unsure with the continual rain if they will be able to get them down before winter weather. 

“I don’t believe we will have to raise the town taxes, there will be some for EMS and the board should have a preliminary budget for 2022 by October,” Strosahl stated. He also reported the town was able to give the EMS $50,000 to help them for this year. 

The board has established a new committee and board members Patti Reichert and Ed Evans are part of that committee. 

A workplace violence and sexual harassment refresher is being held on Sept. 21 at 9 a.m. at the Candor Town Barn for all employees and board members. 

The board appointed Virginia Dawson, as Deputy Town Clerk at $13.50 now, increasing to $15 an hour in January. Dawson will be working with newly appointed town clerk Carol Irizarry who will be running write-in on the next ballot. Since Connie Dence is still on the ballot, should she be voted back in, Irizarry will be reappointed as clerk at the reorganizational meeting in Jan. 2022. 

Reichert reported that the Candor Historical Society made $2,200 on their recent yard sale, the funds will be used to help with the upkeep and maintenance of the Candor History Center. 

The board approved for the town assessor to attend the Assessor Convention in Niagara Fall on Oct. 3 to Oct. 8, which will cost $800 to be split between three towns. 

During privilege of the floor, a resident inquired about the budget, and again Strosahl talked about the board holding a flat line over the rest of the budget except for EMS. “Whatever the fire district was on your last tax notice, double it,” he stated.

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