Dick Zavatto and Joe Morrison

Dick Zavatto and Joe Morrison, the two honorees of Candor’s Citizen of the Year for 2023.

On Saturday, March 11 at the Allen Baptist Church in Candor; a ceremony was held by the Candor Community Services Corporation (CCSC) to award the Candor Citizens of the Year 2023 to Joe Morrison and Dick Zavatto. The two men are long time residents of Candor and have been active members of several groups in Candor as well as serving on several boards.

Morrison over the years has served as a trustee on the Candor Village board, volunteers at the Bread of Life, Candor's Food Pantry, served on the Candor Free Library Board of Trustees, and is a member of the Friends of the Library for the Candor Free Library.

Zavatto was instrumental in getting the Candor Veteran's Memorial put in at Maple Grove, Candor's main cemetery, is an active member of the Candor Chamber of Commerce and Candor Forward as well as being a member of the Candor Historical Society and the Friends of the Library for the Candor Free Library. Zavatto is also very busy promoting Candor on social media sites.

The Candor Community Services Corporation (CCSC) started awarding the Candor Citizen of the Year award in 1988; and the following residents of Candor have received awards. Joyce Aman (1988), Arlene Moyer (1989), James Hollenbeck (1990), Roy Yarrington (1992), Tom and Irene Craig (1994), Don Weber (1995), Robert and Lois Barton (1996), Candor Family Care's 20th Anniversary (1997), Nancy King (1998), Connie and Steve Fedorowicz (1999), Richard Quest (2000), Gwen Clark (2001), Vera Muir (2002), Edward and Florence Roberts (2003), Edna Haner (2004), Hope Van Scoy (2005), Connie Naughton (2007), Kelly Starkweather (2010), all the volunteers of the flood (2011), Sherry Haner (2012), Richard Kirk Sr. (2014), Peter and Gloria Ward (2015), Skip and Jeanne Jackson (2016), Ralph Adams (2017), Diane and Lynn Craig (2018), Lou and Sue Heavenrich (2019), Roger and Georgia Westgate (2020), Denise Peckins (2021), Bob and Nancy Riggs (2022), and now Joe Morrison and Dick Zavatto (2023).

The Candor Community Services Corporation was organized in 1976 when a group of concerned citizens banned together to address the issue of the lack of physicians in the area. In 1985 Lynn's Pharmacy opened a branch due to the efforts of the CCSC, and a new family care center was built by United Health Services (UHS).

In 1985 the CCSC also purchased a renovated abandoned house from Tioga County as a shared housing for the elderly, known as “the first of its kind in New York.” The CCSC continues to give out funding annually to organizations within Candor for community activities.

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