Sailboats using the docks alongside the Newman golf course. It was probably better they stayed docked that day.

Some boats that have to be out of the water for the winter will be parking, temporarily, in the unpaved city lot on Inlet Island.

The Board of Public Works passed a resolution at their Monday, Sept. 28 meeting to allow temporary boat parking at two of the three unpaved parking bays for a rate of $22.64 per (car-sized) spot, until Memorial Day 2016.

Finger Lakes Boating Center owner Steve Flash was at the meeting to answer the board's questions, and told them that the state is in process of issuing approvals for parking space over at Allan H. Treman State Marine Park.

The boating center needs extra parking space because Johnson's Boat Yard is closing in preparation to become a townhome development called Cascadilla Landing.

Public Works superintendent Mike Thorne was asked whether a licensing agreement might be more lucrative for the city. He told the board a comparable licensing agreement would be about $1,200 per month, and the Boating Center is paying about $1,400 a month right now.

Flash and a colleague told the board's Bill Goldsmith, who was concerned about traffic backing up on Inlet Island, that most of the boat moving between Treman Marine and the Boating Center will take place before Memorial Day, and early in the morning.


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