The Town of Ithaca Planning Board unanimously gave final subdivision approval for the proposed Holochuck Homes subdivision on April 17. The proposed development involves the construction of approximately 106 townhome-type units located between Route 96 and Route 89. The development would be clustered and concentrated on the west side of the property closest to Route 96, leaving more than half of the eastern portion of the property undeveloped. There is a proposal that the New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, and Historic Preservation would acquire most of the undeveloped portion of the property in conjunction with the future development of the Black Diamond Trail.

Development of the project will progress in three phases, with each phase being broken into smaller sections. There is a requirement that 10% of the 106 units be affordable units. The affordable units will be one story units at the ends of the townhouse rows on a larger than average lots.

“They’re going to be very desirable,” pointed out Planning Board member Hollis Erb.

Another condition for the project is that one unrestricted, annual TCAT bus pass be provided for each unit. Planning board members expressed the hope that access to the bus pass would not only potentially mitigate traffic concerns, but could begin to shift people’s transportation habits to more sustainable practices by giving each unit access to an alternate form of transportation.

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