Board of Public Works

The City of Ithaca's Board of Public Works conducts a meeting.

At its meeting Monday, July 23, the Board of Public Works reviewed a request from Loaves and Fishes to install a food garden plot on the Ithaca Urban Renewal Agency-owned parcel behind the Cayuga Garage next to Six Mile Creek.

However, the city expects that an option to purchase the lot is likely to be exercised in the near future for the Cayuga Green Two project. Mayor Svante Myrick and Commissioner Jeanne Leccese said there is a group within the city looking at the possibility of having gardens in parks, but that the policy change was not likely to occur in the immediate future. While work is being done on the change, Myrick suggested other possible temporary locations for the garden plot.

In other business:

- The Board discussed the possibility of changing Fall Creek Drive to a one-way street.

- An appeal of a water bill for Nate’s Floral Estates was denied unanimously.

- With department budgets due August 1, Superintendent of Public Works Bill Gray asked board members to brainstorm for ideas on how to make the budget for the Department of Public Works more sustainable

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Daniel Ithaca

Great location, bad timing. This land that has sat vacant for a long time, will be developed soon into the Cayuga Green II. There are other places in Ithaca that could be used though. It is good to consider land use. I heard someone say that Lake Ave from Hancock to Adams would make a really great location, since that road is not really useful for automobile or other transit, and it costs the city money to plow, salt, pave on occasion and other wise maintain--this area would serve much better as a garden space!
More garden space!

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